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Flipped Classroom 2020

Am 20.6.2020 fand zum ersten Mal das Barcamp https://digitalitaet20.de/ in digitaler Form statt. Über 1500 Teilnehmer*innen diskutierten über neue Wege, die Schule in Zeiten von Digitalität und Corona gehen muss. Ich habe dazu 2 Impulse in Videoform eingereicht. Einer handelte von meiner Vorstellung des Konzepts Flipped Classroom im Fremdsprachenunterricht und zeigt, wie sich auch meine Vorstellung des Konzepts seit dem ersten Einsatz 2014 in meinem Spanischunterricht weiterentwickelt hat.

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Working with series in EFL classroom_The Big Bang Theory

One of my EFL classroom topics is Science and Technology focusing on relation between humans and robots.

Watching The Big Bang Theory the other day and the episode in which Raj develops a relationship with his new IPhone and Siri, I chose this a short sequence of this episode as an introduction.

My students watched the sequence without further explanation and were asked to express what they have observed and how this can be related to our overall topic “Robotics”. The answers were quite ample and leading directly to a couple of aspects regarding humans and their relation with robots/technology.

After the introduction students were then asked to compare their initial ideas with Asimov´s Three Laws of a Robotics and discuss them.

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